Flowers For AlgernonšŸ„€

Title : Flowers For Algernon

Author : Daniel Keyes

Publisher : Harcourt

Publish date : April 1959

Pages : 23

Price : 8.95$

Synopsis :

Charlie Gordon mentally retarded. His grammar is horrible and his spelling can make it hard to read at first. Charlie wants to be smart and he had some operation. He worked at some factory, Dr Strauss called him to be some experiment example. Charlie doesnā€™t want to be some example.

And finally Charlie want to do the operation. But the first operation is failed, And the second time the operation making Charlie smarter and his IQ is over 200. Now he can beat Algernon with his 200 IQ.

But then Charlie knows the operation is just temporary. And Charlie ran away from New York and say goodbye to everyone. And he ran away because he doesnā€™t want miss Kinnian feels sorry again to him.

Moral Story

This story is about what is useful is the thing you need right not the thing you want. Maybe sometimes the thing you want is useful but not everytime.


I think this story is suitable for every junior high school students. But the Charlieā€™s progress report is so confusing and thatā€™s just making everyone so hard to read at first.

And i love everything about this short movie because this short movie is very touching and this short movie is making me feel sad when Charlie needs to go.

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