Caveman painting

Cave paintings are the oldest painting found on the wall or ceilings of caves. The oldest paintings certainly predate 28,000 years ago, while the most recent ones were made less than a century ago.

 week ago I read an article about caveman painting from 42.000 until 52.000 years ago. The article was made by a man named Adi Kristianto. I think the writer’s want us to understand that caveman can paint from thousand years ago and I think that’s awesome because i didn’t know that caveman is start making some cool painting about animals in 42.000 until 52.000 years ago.


I chose this article because I interested about what is caveman do in thousand years ago. And I chose this article because I liked history a lot. And I think in the future, this article will be very useful for me because it can be learned so that future generations can learn about history in Indonesia, and the evidence can be seen from the legacy. 


 the author also told that the paintings or hand works made by ancient humansdid not only exist in Europe but actually in Sulawesi, Indonesia itself there were also paintings or works, besides that the authors also told that this work was the longest relic of ancient humans.


 The caveman is using ochre, hematite, manganese oxide and charcoal to paint some awesome animals at the Sulawesi, Indonesia cave from 42.000 – 52.000 years ago.


 After I read the article about caveman painting, I feel proud of  the caveman because i didn’t know that they can painting animals using an ochre, hematite, manganese oxide and charcoal.


Nearly 340 caves have now been discovered in France and Spain that contain art from prehistoric times. Initially, the age of the paintings had been a contentious issue. 


in my opinion this article is very useful for the future because so many people might not know about the caveman.  And if people don’t know about it, the next generation won’t know about the caveman. And cavemen and their history will also not be known to subsequent generations.


And i hope that caveman and their history will always be preserved until the next generation. And i know that we can make the world to be a better place and make the next generation more better.

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